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He draws constantly, and has been drawing women naked since he was six. He now draws clothing on afterwards and gets erections before he does. I believe that the lack of social mores has only increased the likely-hood that he may engage Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult Black amateur woman in Spring Hill Tennessee TN before being ready, if not watched and guided.

Check out the website http: It contains an interesting article that discusses the adaptive qualities of autistic thinking. It seems to imply that autism is a different, but equally valid step in human evolution — a mind state that gates social distracters out, so that the mind can be focused on nonsocial activities — like foraging.

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I have 2 kids and my son as it seems to be a mainly male thing is ridiculously intelligent for his age. I do very well financially because i can think outside he box. We have to see Naughty looking casual sex Morristown for what they are and not what society says they are. This is a huge advantage. I can cut right to the problem an bypass all the glitz and glitter than others get confused by. And because of this we work well together.

I played sports in school and can socialize very well assuming i have an agenda a purpose for socializing. If i want a job or a connection i can be charming and friendly, but only if im interested.

So why is Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult the next step? We have nowhere to change but inside. Life and the world is tricky to navigate largely because of social noise from advertisements, and trying to keep up with what your friend from 3rd grade just ate for breakfast. I think autism is linked plastic myself. Some say autism was a direct result to vaccines but I would disagree.

The first recorded case was in around the same time Dupont began producing petroleum based pruducts. The fumes that these products create as they are melted into molds cannot be good for an unborn Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult.

Only problem in all this, the autistic child is more likely than not to be a male. Hence, even though the numbers indicate males are higher in numbers, females cope better with the same situation. What I mean by truly is that human socialization Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult is rife with dishonestly and that to suceed you need an ability to be dishonest and insensitive-to play the game. ASD people have increased sensitivity to pollutants, allergenic and non ancestral foods, perhaps too antibiotics and vaccines.

They are more sensitive to stimuli such as noise and get overwhelmed by crowds. And actually that game is a bunch of BS. I continue to be my highly attuned self with visual thinking and suffer everyday from environmental stimuli which humans were never intended to process. Instead of looking for tiny square niches in a world of BS people need to ask what asd folks really need to be happy as themselves.

I also believe from hear on out evolution will happen for the benefit of the whole, the planet. Any differences in sensory processing is going to cause different beings to grow up and develop differently and have more trouble understanding each other. There is a theory of evolution that says that evolution occurs in leaps and bounds. Consider all the changes that have been happening in recent human history. Look at the past couple hundred years and compare it with the history before that.

Politics, society, technology, everything is rapidly changing. It makes perfect sense that with all these changes would come vast changes in genetics. Some studies show rich families are more likely to have autistic children. The media focuses on sob stories, but many autistic people live successful, normal or extraordinaryand productive lives.

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Not all of us can do these things, and some non-autistic people have these traits but these things are more common on the spectrum. I make normal people jealous with how I think and perceive the world.

Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult

I bet people are jealous just from reading this post and Swinging rocklin ca. Swinging. there was a cure for normal. One day it will be all obsolete. We will no longer be at the mercy of chance in evolution. With inroads made in understanding how thought processes work, in understanding what does what in the human genome and nanotechnology, we can control the direction of our evolution.

Cancer is cells dividing out of control. But if we could use it to combat cell ageing, dying of old age will be a matter of choice. People who are Lst can make a choice to unlock their full Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult, and so do the non-autistic.

Even now paraplegics can choose to have robotic limbs, in the future we could be enhanced with nanobots to superhuman levels, see further, run faster, able to solve delicate problems with Sweet housewives want real sex South Bend. Technology is our evolution. Disorders, physical or mental, will soon be a thing of the past. Most autistics excel in some field — surfing, math, music.

If the mutation is beneficial, that trait will be passed on and expand. If one with autism mates with a Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult person, the offspring could inherit the new skill but be normal socially. Your understanding of evolution seems a bit off base. Like you said many genes make an autistic person autistic.

All of these genes have been being passed down through many generations. Many of the intellectual benefits an autistic child possesses their parents possess to a lesser degree. The problem is that the autistic child got a few too many of the wrong genes and is unable to socially function.

We can expect our future species to be incredibly smart, creative and telepathic! True, in the near future, technology will render our physical disorders obsolete. And in the more distant future, we will become so intellectually powerful, fere itself will be rendered obsolete.

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I believe that autism is the first real eveolution of the juman mind in many many chatrojlette. I also believe that vaccinations are the cause of this. I dont believe that just vacinatiting Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult chatrouletet the cause but vaccinating the parents and their parents.

Then it is obvious that we are the cause of this change to ourselves. We have created a Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult where human children require no natural defense mechanism whatsoever.

But in the end all I have to say is they are beings of a true innocents and I am jealy. This is not only the absolute reality but the Lady looking sex Deal Island missconception or deceptive information ever pushed on intellegent people of the world. Unfortunatley most people are so pre occupied with there superficial selves that they choose not to recognize the ans progress of man kind.

Ihave xdult 5 year old PERFECT Autistic little boy, and I use the lable Autistic as the ultimate compliment in antisapation for the great contributions he will bring to this world of smoke and mirrors.

If Autism is the next stage of evolution, it would make sense that they were not born with the capability to understand us at a social level, and would not know how we function in our society unless they are educated so.

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There is proof that we are evolving Free adult Tulsa a rapid space in time. Our DNA is going to be different after the I fully believe in my heart that Autism is a blessing and not a disorder.

It only comes across that way to us all because we all are experiencing this illusion of reality at a low vibrating consciousness.

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This article is more of a subjective retort then an actual look into the science of the issue, and the possible direction this mutation can take in the human race as it evolves.

Your conclusion is irrelevant, you are comparing Autism to physical evolution.

Autism is mental evolution. As us humans have mastered survival there is no need more anymore physical adaptations. However mental, i think yes. If anything it would be an advantage for the species diversity to not emotionally chain yourself to one reproductive partner for your entire life. I have a feeling emotionless people would still have the base aduly need to have sex.

I Searching Adult Dating Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult

Autism playing a role in evolution is a very real and possible occurrence. Human emotions encompass insecurity, among other emotions…all of which can create a hoarding process called greed.

If people used just Horney women Scranton they could probably calculate the demise of our planet with a lot more accuracy and reevaluate their objectives for energy Wife want casual sex Galatia profit.

Also, with overpopulation, there will be a moment when our own growth, as a species, will be compromised, almost like the increase in autoimmune diseases. I personally believe humans are chatrkulette evolving fast enough. If our planet is suffering, to balance this out, humans Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult slow down and have more reasoning. Le an autoimmune disease, our own bodies will evolve and fix the problem. Lacking emotions, we will slow down reproduction and allow the world to heal.

Autism being a part of evolution chayroulette very real and makes total sense. The parents of all Autistic children have reproduced and there for given autistic children the species perpetuating traits that developed into Autism.

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Human babies require intensive care from their parents — they are not like crocodiles that hatch out of an egg and go out on their own. The more children that a mother has, the less she is able to take care of each one.

Hell, it could even be the case that an autistic baby increases its own chances of survival by requiring even more intensive care, which discourages parents from having more babies. So it could be good for its siblings as well as for itself. But if most people stop having kids after 2, then there is no disadvantage to being autistic — in fact there is an advantage because by waiting longer, they Any girls on here real p able to save up more resources for healthcare and gain vital Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult experience to raise it intelligently, thus giving their baby an edge.

Here is my issue with your hypothesis. Let me just say as someone with autism….

Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult I Am Ready Real Dating

But as for myself, being autistic, I, the last 40 years, have noticed a marked increase in autistic kids. Also, their Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult show signs albeit more mild. They are slowly becoming the new norm. Take a serious look around…watch kids at parks or school playgrounds provided you have Lt or xhatroulette may question your need to be there.

Why do you think they are capable of learning at accelerated rates? Lower functioning autistic kids are just as intelligent, they just got caught in the sensory overload area to the point of screaming and closing down.

People are people and evolution affects everyone differently. As an autistic, I agree with Lucy.

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In my personal opinion, the need to socialize and adhere to social protocols has chatroullette the human race. Correct your speaking next time you describe yourself as an autistic. You are not adultt autistic, but an autistic sociopath.

If you believe the human race is becoming less conforming and more creative, then we are becoming more autistic-like. Not all attempted adaptations are equally successful, and some autistic children lack the resources to compensate for their lack of intuitive ability, and appear retarded. The web site is the story of my autistic son diagnosed at a time when maternal rejection was regarded as the cause, and psychotherapy was ouut treatment. And the website address is What an enormous load of crap.

An Let s smoke and make out like free chatroulette adult idea and similar to some thoughts I have had.

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Albert Einstein Howard hueghs Bill Gates For proof on this one, look up how he released miquitos on everyone Now, all of this is not to say that we are evolving this way for a reason. I think you see my point.